The Wreckless Blenders welcome you! This site has information about the wines, events and the Wreckless Blenders Wine club.

Wine Club

The Wreckless Blenders Wine Club is an exclusive, highly valuable membership. Let us know if you’re interested by filling out this form.


Wine Club members receive access to exclusive wines, have access to all Wreckless events, and receive 20% discount on all purchases while a member.


The normal process is to process credit cards the week prior to Wreckless Events. We will send you a note prior to processing. You can let us know at that time if you want to change your order.

We will securely store your card information in our wine club database (hosted by Square).


Bottle per Month Club

We have three events per year. In the Bottle per month club, you’ll visit us at Wreckless events to collect four bottles, for a total of 12 bottles per month.

Case Club

The Case Club option is great if you can’t make it to the Wreckless Events. Once per year, normally in September, we will ship you a full case (12 bottles) of a hand-picked selection.


You have to be of legal drinking age (21 years old or older) to be part of the Wreckless Wine Club.

Holding Shipments

We will hold shipments for two events, upon which time we will ship you the order.


We know that things happen. We will make all efforts to set things straight if things go wrong.


If you have two shipments that are missed without notice, your wine club membership will terminate. We will make an attempt to contact you before termination.

Wine Club Interest

Let us know if you’re interested in the wine club by filling out this form.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


As a wine club member you receive selections of our wines three times a year. In addition, you are invited to exclusive events, are the first to know about new and limited releases, and offered special savings on wines.

We have three variations of the club:

  • One bottle per month
  • Two bottles per month
  • Three bottles per month

We bundle the bottles three times per year.

If you are in California you can choose to have the wine shipped to you. Otherwise, we have Wine Club Will Call events each year for pick up.

Fill out this form to let us know if you have questions or would like to enroll.


2019 Events

Coming out of the Cellar 2019 – Oct 26 at the Winery

Past Events

Cooling off in the Barrel Room 2019 – July 27 at the Winery

Spring Fling 2019 – April 27 at the Winery.

East Bay Day Spring 2019 – March 23 at The East Bay Location

Coming out of the Cellar 2018

East Bay Day 2018

2018 Cooling off in the Barrel Room

2018 Spring Fling

2017 Coming Out of the Cellar (10th Anniversary!

2017 Cooling off in the Barrel Room

2017 Summer Event in the Bay Area

2017 Spring Fling

2016 Coming out of the Cellar

2016 Cooling off in the Barrel Room

2015 Coming out the Cellar

2015 Cooling Off in the Barrel Room

2015 Summer Event in the Bay Area

2015 Spring Fling

2014 Coming out of the Cellar

2014 Fall Event in the Bay Area

2014 Cooling off in the Barrel Room

2014 May the Fourth Be With You (Bay Area)

2014 Spring Fling

Updates and Happenings